understated & minimal jewellery handmade in the UK, inspired by the world.


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  • "I’m so happy I’ve found this lovely brand. As soon as I started wearing Wanderlust Life I pretty much stopped wearing any of my other jewellery! I love that my Spinel necklace has been everywhere with me, from surfing trips to yoga classes. It’s great to be able to wear something beautiful whilst being active. I also recently treated myself to a pair of earrings and I've worn them every day since. They look great during the day but also make any evening outfit look a little bit more special. Thank you Wanderlust Life!
    — Lauren, Brighton
  • "Wanderlust Life is one of my favourite brands of all time.
    The jewellery is exceptional both in terms of quality and design. The pieces are beautifully made, versatile, unique and a joy to wear. The constantly evolving collection, inspired by nature, art and fashion from all over the world, is always spot-on in terms of lifestyle and design trends. The customer service is fantastic - fast, friendly and efficient. The packaging is delightful - perfect for gifts and impossible to resist!
    Whether it’s a glamorous event, a yoga class, or the beach, I have not found any other jewellery that works so well with any outfit and any occasion and receives so much admiration. I feel like a goddess when I wear Wanderlust Life!
    — Emma, London
  • "So many things to love about Wanderlust Life; the simple beauty and meaning behind each piece, attention to detail and packaging, fantastic customer service. A joy to wear, always makes me smile!
    — Hannah, Devon